2hymn vb


hymn is an evening-length dance choreographed by Anneke Hansen. Devised as a solo, it will be performed by two women and five men. hymn examines devotional acts of physical labor, the unifying commonality of the human form, how the ideas of dissolution and continuance converse, and the ways in which committed effort can amount to the raising of praise. "Womanly" movement vocabulary is transposed to "manly" canvases, and constant abstract action is juxtaposed by more mercurial and poetic dancing. hymn is an exploration of female strength and power, and of masculine sensitivity and sensuousness.

hymn premiered at The Irondale Center, December 2015

Choreography by Anneke Hansen
Design in collaboration with Baille Younkman
Sound by Nick Yulman
Performed by Ezrah Goh, Anneke Hansen, Belinda He, Russell Stuart Lilie, Austin Selden, Chafin Seymour
Rehearsal Direction by Belinda He
Photos by Matt Harvey

Press for hymn

"Review: In Anneke Hansen's "2hymn vb," a billowing gown as star" - New York Times, December 2015
Playgrounds of The Mind - arts journal, December 2015