a play

FEAST is a retelling of the ancient biblical story of The Writing on the Wall, in which the last meal of an era is prepared just before the collapse of the great Babylonian empire.  Engaging the implicit violence and intimacy of eating together, the tragic celebrants circle the void by never saying exactly what they mean.

During the FEAST, a King and his Concubines are haunted by Handel’s baroque operetta, Belshazzar's Feast, while anxiously devouring everything possible on the banquet table. Despite impending doom, the court persists (“first course first of course”), sparing no expense as the city burns in the distance. As the stolid King considers how to make sense of history and rebuild a failing civilization, the world of the banquet slips further and further from its noble intents.

FEAST was presented at The Public Theater, New York, in the Under the Radar Festival, 2014, in association with ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann

Writing, Direction, and Design Andrew Ondrejcak 

Music to Belshazzar (1744) George Frideric Handel
Libretto to Belshazzar Charles Jennens
Costumes Adam Selman
Sound Design Kristin Worrall
"For You For You" music by DM Stith
"For You For You" played by Anthony Romaniuk
Music on Harpsichord by Daniel Gower
Wig Design Enver Chakartash
Make-up Design Naomi Raddatz
Costume Assistant Baille Younkman
Stage Manager Heather Englander
Stage lighting concept in collaboration with Christina Watanabe
Stage design concept in collaboration with 
Leong Leong Architecture


The King Reg E Cathey
The Fishmonger Peter Cullen
The Concubines

Jenn Dees

Cara Francis

Yuki Kawahisa

Jason Robert Winfield