Presto-Chango is a fall/winter 2013 collection devised and inspired by the art of old magic, magicians, and their performances. Although Presto-Chango is rooted from the blase and dapper depictions of magicians, the mixing of textures and prints creates a youthful and whimsical disposition. For the unusually charming little girl, sweet feminine detailing, coupled with masculine tuxedo accents, wondrously create divine pieces for girls from ages six to ten. Textiles are the dominant focal point of Presto-Chango, and the silhouette is perfectly suited for this age group.

Girls are lured into a whirling fashion spell by small shimmering metallic accents. Dramatic contrasts between textural harsh blacks and soft tans and creams, are reflective of a vintage magic show. Graphic additions of stylistic prints, masks, magic hats and bows revive a sense of mystery and amusement. These graphic additions serve as a reminder that the sweet little girl is running the show, she may unexpectedly POOF...disappear.