an opera

YOU US WE ALL is a contemporary and irreverent take on a 16th- and 17th- century court masque, featuring musical scenes, allegorical characters and heightened theatrical style.

The performance is a series of episodes in which the characters Death, Love, Virtue, Hope and Time reflect on their own aptitude for inciting meaning within their lives. As the characters perform the masque, Time insistently destroys everything, stripping away the layers of pomp and artifice that had given them shape. Pruned of their clothes, roles, and story, the opera turns radically inward.

Commissioned by 
BOX Baroque Orchestration X 

Artistic Director, Pieter Theuns

Co-produced by deSingel International Arts Campus, Antwerp, Beligum

and Kampnagel Sommerfestival, Hamburg, Germany
Music by Shara Worden

Text, direction and design by Andrew Ondrejcak

Performed by BOX Baroque Orchestration X

Assistant Director Cecile Tonizzo

Co-Costume designer by Zane Philstrom

Co-Lighting designer by Lutz Deppe

Costume Assistant by Baille Younkman, Grace Mimbs
Photos by Kerstin Behrendt

The cast:
Hope Shara Worden

Love Martin Gerke

Virtue Helga Davis

Death Bernhard Landauer

Time Carlos Soto

BOX Baroque Orchestration X:

Lute Pieter Theuns

Cornetto Lambert Colson

Cornetto Jon Birdsong

Treble Viol, Bass Viol Liam Byrne

Harpsichord, Positive Organ Anthony Romaniuk

Violone Christine Sticher
Baroque Harp Jutta Troch

Viola da Gamba Pieter Vandeveire

Drums, Percussion Mattijs Vanderleen

Baroque Trombone Adam Woolf

Press for YOU US WE ALL

"YOU US WE ALL" creates a baroque vision of Modern Life - New York Times, November 2015
Review: In "YOU US WE ALL" a Symbolic Hope Writes to Pop Divas -  New York Times, November 2015